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Multiplicity-Smart a trading company founded by CEO/President Alan Lipa, whose headquarters are based in the Apex - RDU - Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA.

Multiplicity-Smart is built on service, reliability and consistency. We gear ourselves in offering our valued client/customer a complete solution from manufacturing to shipping in a highly competitive marketplace. We pride ourselves in being professional in all our dealings, by responding quickly to inquiries, customer requests and pertinent issues related to the market place. We speak the language of both manufacturer and customer.  

We have people ‘on the ground’ who verify factory credentials, negotiate supply and purchase agreements, insist on long-term and ongoing quality controls and troubleshoot when production problems arise. We pride ourselves in giving the highest level of service required.

Our strengths are providing support services for businesses engaged in manufacturing, exporting and purchasing of goods and product. This includes warehousing, shipping, insuring and billing on behalf of the manufacturer and customer. We help manufacturers find international and overseas markets and provide pertinent market information allowing manufacturers to secure desired markets.

Alan Lipa understands the market place from manufacturing to retailing, he served as CEO/Managing Director of the largest steel pipe flange manufacturer in South Africa for eleven years in the 1960’s and 1970’s, founded a motor vehicle tire insurance company, started a shaving cream manufacturing plant and created a successful online internet trading company specializing in tobacco products supplying cigars and humidifiers worldwide and Alan is a world renowned wildlife photographer and author.

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