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Our commercial bottle coolers are exactly what you are looking for, from single door to two door models. Keeping cold beverages from sodas to bottled water to beer properly chilled is a never ending job. We at Multiplicity-Smart understand commercial refrigeration.
The uniqueness of our bottle coolers is FlexiPower which allows the cooler to effortlessly and smoothly switch from electrical power supply to 12 volt battery power to propane LP gas or paraffin/kerosene
Commercial refrigeration is a specialized form of cooling, used for product display, product promotion and importantly product branding in restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, bars, shops, sporting events and fairs. Commercial refrigerators come in different capacities and have a variety of uses. Look at our range of commercial refrigeration products for bottled and canned beverages.
For branding purposes we are able to display your approved corporate logo or company graphic design on our cooler refrigerator boxes.


1 Lid
Dimensions: (Height) 37.8" x (Length) 52.4" x (Width) 28.0"
8.12 Cu Ft
Coke Chest Bottle Cooler
Budweiser Chest Bottle Cooler
Pepsi Chest Bottle Cooler
Multiplicity Chest Bottle Cooler
Red Bull Chest Bottle Cooler
Yuengling Chest Bottle Cooler
Dr Pepper Chest Bottle Cooler
Puncher Energy Chest Bottle Cooler
Miller Draft Chest Bottle Cooler


2 Lids
Dimensions: (Height) 34.6" x (Length) 40.5" x (Width) 27.5"
8.83 Cu Ft
Bud Light Chest Bottle Cooler         
Dr Pepper Ten Chest Bottle Cooler           
Pure Life Chest Bottle Cooler
Millers Lite Chest Bottle Cooler
 Sprite Chest Bottle Cooler
Arrowhead Water Chest Bottle Cooler
Fanta Chest Bottle Cooler
7 Up Chest Bottle Cooler
Coors Light Chest Bottle Cooler
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